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Vocabulary Learning using parts of speech, synonym, antonym Step-2

The responsibility of a student on his/her society
A good student is an optimistic person of a society. He plays a great role in developing her/his society. As a good student, he has many responsibilities. The most of the people of our country are illiterate. So, only a good student can enlighten the illiterate people in the society. He can respond and persuade the illiterate people to enter the storehouse of knowledge. So, it is a  feedback of a society. There are many problems in a society. In the society there are many people who are irresponsible. They are unresponsive in their duties. They are the main hindrance to make a good nation. At that time, only a good student can responsiveness them and plays a great role to make a good nation. He can give them the light of knowledge. So, the irresponsible people become serious in their duties. So, it helps a nation to develop as soon as possible. After all it is said that a good student is born of a society.
Written by Purnata Debnath, Class: VIII, Roll No: 01, Session: 2019

Our responsibilities to our parents
This is our responsibility to obey our parents. But most of us are irresponsible about them. They have given us birth on this earth. So, all of us have some responsive duties for them. They took care of us when we were children and helpless. So, now it is our duty to respond to them. We should respect them, take care of them and fulfill their dreams. And we shouldn’t be unresponsive about our duties to them. We should response them ever a time when they need us. Responsiveness is a great virtue. They think a lot about us. So, we should give them a good feedback and shouldn’t give them any bad reactions which could feel them hurt.
Written by Kanita Rahman, Class: VIII, Roll No: 03, Session: 2019
Vocabulary Learning using parts of speech , synonym, antonym writing by a topic -2

A Student’s Responsibility
All students have their own responsibility. Every student should respond in their class. Irresponsible students never succeed in their life. If students are responsive in their class, the teacher also gets interest to take the class. Unresponsive students can’t respond in class. So every student should have responsiveness in the class always.
Written by Jarin Tasnim, Kohely Akter Koli, Class : 8, Session: 2019
Climate change
Now-a-days climate change is the most responsive affair in the world. It’s held for many reasons. Peoples unresponsive thinking is the biggest reason of it. People are very irresponsible about climate change. They have no response about climate change. The burning of fossil fuel is the main cause of climate change. We should have responsiveness about climate change and it is our responsibility.
Written by Sadia & Samia,  Class : 8, Session: 2019

Pollution and population problem in Bangladesh
Bangladesh is a small country with a big population. People of Bangladesh is mainly responsible for it. It is because they don’t maintain responsibility and also they are responsible for population. Some of them are so irresponsible about population. We should respond and do something to save the environment. We should not be unresponsive about it and we should try to be aware of the people. It is our responsibility to clean our country. If we do it, we can make our country a prettiest country in the world.
Written by Shama,  Class : 8, Session: 2019

Students Qualification
Students have many responsibilities in our society. In our society there are two kinds of students one kind of students are very responsible and another kind of students are very irresponsible. There is a student who is responsible. He is very attentive to his study. We responses all kinds of social work. On the other hand, the students who are irresponsible will not get any positive return from the family. society and as well as in the country. He cannot get feedback his society well. But otherwise he can serve the society in many good ways. So his responsiveness are remove the bad work of  students in the society. So, their responsibility is as great in society.
Written by Tabassum Tory, Class : 8, Session: 2019
Clean the Garbage
We live in Bangladesh at Dhaka city. In this city, we don’t see much tree but we all can see the garbage everywhere. Dhaka city become dirty for this dirty garbage. It is our responsibility that we all should clear this dirty garbage. But most of the people in this country who don’t respond in it. They think that it is not their work. They are very irresponsible about this work. So, they don’t show any feedback. Dirty garbage’s effect in our environment. So, everybody should responsive about this work. When the unresponsive people see it who through the garbage everywhere and polluted our environment they must be responsiveness for this work. They will give us a good response. This reaction will give us happiness when we know that they cheer for us to continue this work.
Written by Esha, Eshika, Class : VIII, Session: 2019 
Traffic Jam
Nowadays, Traffic Jam is one of the major problems of our country. It is a common affair to big cities and towns. There are many causes of traffic jams. Increasing number of vehicles are responsible for traffic jams. The driver are so irresponsible. It hampered our valuable time. Govt. should make a responsive law against the drivers which should be based on feedback. Govt. have to respond to decrease it. Common people also should give their response for better situation. It also our duty to increase our responsiveness due to traffic rules. People of all walks of life have to take their own responsibility for good traffic system. After doing all these things we can hope to have a good traffic system for our easy and comfortable life.
Written by Suborna Akter, Roll : 11, Class : Eight, Sesson: 2019

Vocabulary learning using parts of speech, synonym, antonym step-1

How to learn adn memorize English Vocabulary

Vocabulary learning using parts of speech, synonym, antonym step-1

ইংরেজি কোনো শব্দ এবং এর অর্থ মুখস্থ করলে সেটা কিছুখন পরেই ভুলে যাবেন কিন্তু নিচের পদ্ধতি ফলো করলে কখনই ভুলবেন না

How to learn and memorize more words. A great way to learn and memorize more words. ইংরেজি কোনো শব্দ এবং এর অর্থ মুখস্থ করলে সেটা কিছুখন পরেই ভুলে যাবেন কিন্তু নিচের পদ্ধতি ফলো করলে কখনই ভুলবেন না

প্রত্যেকটি word এর noun, adjective, verb, adverb  এবং synonym, antonym ইত্যাদি জানা ও sentence-এ ঐগুলির প্রয়োগের মাধ্যমে দ্রুত vocabulary শেখা যায় ও মনে রাখা সহজতর হয় ।
যেমন-পড়ুন :

একটা শব্দ কে বিভিন্ন আকারে ভেঙ্গে ফেলুন,উদারহন :
– Motivate ( verb )
– motivation(noun)
– demotivate ( antonyms)
– motive (noun)
– motivated ( past form) .

Model: 00 (by Md Nail ul Islam)
I am a self “motivated” person. Though I had seen some “motivational” video, I hardly get “motivated” from them. If you are smart enough, you don’t need other people’s “motivation”. However, please don’t kill your true “motive” while watching others success. Furthermore, stop getting “demotivated” when someone told you that you can’t do anything. 

– Beautify (Verb)
– Beautifully (Adverb)
– beautiful (Adjective)
– Beauty (Noun)
– Beautification (Noun)
– Attractiveness (Synonym of Beauty)
– Ugly (Antonym  of Beauty)

Example Model: 01 (by Sayed)

Nusaibah is a beautiful girl. She decorates her room beautifully because she loves beautification. She keeps all her beauty products in the room. She always tries to beautify her room. Everybody doesn’t have attractiveness in everybody. There are some people who have ugly mantaly. 

Model: 02– Our Village (by Suborna Akter)

Next week, I will visit my village home. My village home is very beautiful. I can’t express the beauty of my village in word. There are many beautiful trees, birds, etc. My village name is Apangram. The people of my village are very nice and friendly. In my village, I saw many colorful and beautiful flowers. My village is naturally decorated. Every morning I used to go out for the morning walk. I saw many birds and I like the group of birds scene because they are very cute and they are not ugly. The beautification of the birds can’t be explained in words. Flowers and birds beautify our village. I love my beautiful village so much.    

Model: 03 –Our Beautiful Bangladesh (by Kanita) 

The beauty of Bangladesh country is very nice. It is a beautiful country. It is called the country of rivers. We all love the beautification of our country. The creator has decorated our country beautifully. But some bad people are destroying the beautification of this country. For the cause of environment pollution our beautiful Bangladesh and this country is becoming ugly. So, all of us should be careful and be aware about the beauty of our beautiful Bangladesh and we all should beautify our country.

কমেন্টে আপনি একটা শব্দ বাছাই করেন এবং উপরের উপায়ে সেটা দিয়ে একটা প্যারাগ্রাফ লেখুন

Vocabulary learning using parts of speech, synonym, antonym step-3

Vocabulary learning using parts of speech, synonym, antonym step-3

একটি নতুন Word মুখস্ত করার অভিনব পন্থা

How to memorise a new word

বারবার উচ্চারণ করা বাদ দিয়ে

Romantic কথা

Funny কথা

Romantic কথা দিয়ে বাক্য গঠন :

তোমার দেওয়া প্রথম উপহারটি আমার কাছে মোটেই তুচ্ছ নয় ।


আমি সব ভুলতে পারব, ভুলতে পারব না তোমার gimcrack কে

Funny কথা দিয়ে বাক্য গঠন :

Gimcrack ভেদে ১০টি ডিম খেয়ে ডাইরিয়ার রোগী হলাম ।

চড় খেয়ে বড় বাবুর গর্ব অহংকার Abate / হ্রাস পাওয়া/কমে যাওয়া

English Word Memorizing Tips